The Challenge:
Back in 1993. as Creative Director and production manager at leading Israeli studio for Animation and Visual effects - I was tasked by PIXEL's CEO Rami Weitz - to commercialize the use of freshly purchased MILO Motion Control System.
The Solution:
By basically reversing the concept of motion control, I invented the seed concept of Virtual Studio technology and then assisted the creation of the first Virtual Studio System Prototype.
Using Analogue to Digital converter devices - system was feeding real-world camera positions and movements to SGI computer's ''reality engine'' - which rendered instant CG background - that was keyed-in behind the actors/presenters - in real-time, utilizing the chroma-key blue or green screen of the studio.
Merged Reality:
Resultant visuals represented form of real-time Reversed Augmented Reality, today dubbed as Merged Reality - combining elements from real-world with elements of computer graphics - all synchronized via identical movements of real-world and virtual cameras.
At that time - owners of PIXEL Ltd. estimated that there is no need for such technology, and an amazing team of PIXEL CONTROL, embarked on their own quest to monetize the system. 
Ultra-capable team of programmers and technologists continued to perfect the system, and then - dubbed as RT-SET, and later on - as VIZ-RT - they continued developing and monetizing one of the first Virtual Studio technologies in the world.
Today - VIZ-RT is a worldwide market leader in the areas of broadcast real-time 3D graphics for the media and entertainment industry.

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