Role: Concept Creator, UX/AR/MR Director, 3D UI Designer
Created innovative UX concept and authored 3D User Interface for industrial command & control system of the digital printing press.
First time-line based UI for Printing Industry:
This UI concept features industry’s first timeline-based jobs-list interface for digital printing.
What-You-See-Is-What-Goes-On UX concept: 
Conceived WYSIWGO What-You-See-Is-What-Goes-On concept, where all events, actions, and processes within real-world machine/device are depicted via animated 3D model.
Embedded Cameras and Reversed Augmented Reality:
Reversed Augmented Reality concept features CG animation of the machine, containing superimposed real-world windows of live video feeds, originating from cameras placed within the real-world machine.

Reversed AR enables intuitive monitoring of complex systems:
When windows of on-board real-world videos of machine assemblies were superimposed at the right places of full-scale animated 3D representation of the inside workings of the machine, it is very intuitive for an operator to understand where and what is going on in respective camera feeds.
Three-Dimensional Object-Oriented User Interface:
On top of visual-monitoring function, designed/created layer of interaction - which empowered machine operators to intuitively command machine’s operations by simply touching the interactive animated 3D model of the machine.

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