This is the collection of short snippets from various projects where I was involved as UX and/or XR expert lead or consultant.

Some of the projects were created back in times where term UX and/or XR were not yet esisting, yet - those were XR and UX-driven projects that pioneered and/or influenced various new concepts and products, that were  - after initiation - being developed or emulated by various companies.

Most notable projects are:
1993. Invention of Virtual Studio Technology
1994. Pipeline creation,  VFX & animation supervision for production of World's First Virtual Studio TV pilot - created in real-time 3D - using Virtual Studio set and technology
2001. ViC-TV Creator - first UI concept for horizontal timeline-based selection of TV program
2002. Creation of Capscene concept - set of procedures and inventions for Virtual Production
2004. Invention of LightWarp - first non-linear 3D CG lens
2015. Invention/patent of Reversed AR
2016. Invention of Reversed Virtual Studio concept/patent

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