This reel is collection of marketing and explanation videos, as well as clips of interactive content - focused on Innovative Products - Devices and Technologies.
With bakground in filmmaking, physics, and computer science - I love to give my clients advantage of crystal-clear depictions of any concept or product, and create the story and visuals with high cinematic impact - for any product and technology.
Across all projects featured here, my role in the team was the producer, director, camera, editor, visual effects, and in interactive projects I was UX director / UX designer as well.
One of the most valuable markerting assets is well-crafted high-impact video for your flagship product: Video that will create engagement, good lasting impression, and ignite that learning and enlightment ''Aha!'' moment.
With nearly zero marketing efforts, our team receives recommendations from one customer to another, which saw us collecting an amazing list of most innovative companies as our clients:
Landa Labs, Stratasys, XJET 3D, Landa Digital Printing, Lusix, Gencell Energy, Lumet, Scodix, Pixel Nation, Inspecto, Teva, etc.

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