The Role:
Product Manager, Chief Scientist, UX & GUI Designer @ NeoVision Department of Human Eyes Ltd., Israel
The Work:
Designed and scripted DEPTHMAKER - software that uses only 2D images to create fully navigatable non-linear 3D space with enhanced depth illusion.
Using patented technology, DEPTHMAKER can turn every multilayered photoshop file or photograph into navigatable depth-rich environment.
Empowering Artistic (non-linear) rather than Mathematical (linear) manipulations of 3D space, DEPTHMAKER creates '2D for 3D' layer-based animations with previously unavailable degree of depth sensation and creative freedom.
Following the novel concept of how human-eye brain system actually works, DepthMaker was able to generate VR-ready environment from 2D cutouts only. 
Benny Landa had pleasure to present the concept of the DepthMaker and the LightWarp to late Steven Jobs, at that time - CEO of Apple. Steve Jobs forwarded the concept presentation to Pixar. Intrigued by results, Pixar's leads of Renderman software development, requested to see from us several tests that will prove that technology can be used for storytelling purposes.
However, in the surprising turn of events - Board of Directors at Human Eyes Ltd. assumed that 3-D for movies and games have no future, and with intention to focus back on the lenticular-print-based imaging for print industry - HET decided to shut-down our NEOVISION department.
Decision had some business logic, since venturing and growing into the uncharted market of 3-D entertainment - seemed risky for a small company. 
Three years later - James Cameron's Avatar stormed movie Box-offices - ushering an age of 3-D cinema, games, and VR.

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