Ideation & Concepts:
Created first ideas, concepts, UX designs, and 3D pre-visualizations for multi-platform game-style Augmented Reality experience of Jet-planes speeding through the virtual raceway in the sky.
Created back in 2010, Rocket Racing League was the first Augmented Reality Sport created - as reported by CNN, BBC, and WIRED.​​​​​​​
Cross-Disciplinary Integration of Technologies:
Together with CEO and COO of RRL Inc. - I managed last-minute integrations of high-tech navigation and virtual studio technologies into fully-functional Augmented Reality driven sport event.
Remotely coordinating multidisciplinary teams of Elbit Systems, Orad, and Maryland Advanced Reseach Labs - I assisted in achieving world's premiere augmented-reality racing-game-in-the-sky.
Directing RRL Promotion Video:
Together with Founders of Rocket Racing League - Rami Weitz and Michael D'Angelo - I wrote, storyboarded and pre-visualized animatics for the RRL - depicting the cross-media potential of the concept. Using seed budgets for the pitch - I directed and edited the first Rocket Racing League promotion film.
Insanely intense and fast cooperation between few cross-disciplinary teams - resulted in World’s first Augmented Reality jet-racing track. Since race-track of virtual gates covered 4 km x 6 km, we believe that we set up in the sky - was the largest virtual soft-studio ever created!
Using video presentation and concept art - RRL pitch the concept to investors. After successful proof-of-concept presentation at the American Air-show in Tulsa, Arizona, RRL Inc. raised $6 million in investments.

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