Concept Art, Animation, Visual Effects Direction, Project Management, co-invention of Virtual Set technology concept.
Creation of production pipeline that ties real-time VR Virtual Reality Set production - into post-production (editing, animation, VFX post-production).
Create Merged Reality pilot for TV show, and design an effective process for Virtual-Set-based real-time CG production.
The Work: 
Back in 1995 - JCS Productions embarked on a challenging quest to create world's first Virtual Studio sitcom.
I was assigned a task to Lead Virtual Set assets production and technological pipeline to produce Low-Tech Sci-Fi trash-sitcom ''Halalit''.
Cameras in the studio were via Rt-Set's technology synchronized with real-time CG renderings of SGI Monster Reality engine - allowing actors - shot against chroma-key studio - to be superimposed over virtual set of the spaceship - in real time.
Back in those times, technical challenges of realizing real-time 3D were mind-boggling. Entire set had to be created on very-low poly count (below 45000 polygons), while all textures had to be stitched in one single image file!
Set of the spaceship had to represent low-tech, trash-like technology.
To our best knowledge - Halalit was the first crazy attempt to create Virtual Studio based TV series. Virtual studio solution for Merged Reality TV production enabled great savings and flexibility of set creation and modifications. It was possible to shoot 22 minute episode in 1-2 shooting days - which included studio rehearsals.
Encouraged by the results, JCS - Jerusalem Capital Studios - formed a new department - dedicated to creation/production of original television content.

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