Remote product/UX/GUI consultant for Adobe Story - remote collaboration script-writing tool.
Adobe crew commissioned from me creating some novel UX proposals that will elevate Adobe Story's potentials for pre-visualising some story elements.
Cooperating with UX lead Aman Sagar, I suggested few new UX/UI features to be added to the product's road-map. My suggestions were focusing on innovative visualizations of story flow.
In nutshell - I proposed set of solutions to graphically visualize distribution of story-relevant elements across scenes. 
My second initiative was about designing unique visual brainstorming methods - for interconnection of story elements. This new method would push the envelope of how story can be created, edited, and organized.
With extremely user-centered approach - I wanted to empower scriptwriters with an amazing visual overview of ''what's going on''. Representing text data - with dynamic ''info-graphics'', was very novel approach - far beyond conventional script-cards overview. 
On the other side, at that time (no AI technologies in place) - implementation - seemed to have real challenges.
Adobe was just making a transition from conventional software installation to having Adobe Story as SAAS - working over ADOBE AIR platform.
Due to large technical challenges in implementation, most ambitious features did not ended up in the final product.
But several ideas and UX solutions - influenced the product, which was among the first software packages to be offered via Adobe's Creative Cloud (SAAS).

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