Rocket Racing League was imagined as cross-media event, where both pilots and the audience - would be able to share and see ''Virtual Raceway'' in the sky.
After creating the initial concepts and various solutions, I was tasked by founder and CEO of RRL - to assists multi-disciplinary teams involved in Rocket Racing League Event, in integrating various complex solutions into the big picture of large ''Augmented Reality'' result.
Using know-how from various disciplines, I managed to isolate few significant ''bugs'' that were influencing misalignment of real and virtual worlds.
In extremely tensed atmosphere, and difficult remote co-working setup between 4 locations - we managed to connect all components and troubleshoot synchronization of ''worlds'' - only days before the event.
This is the short documentary covering this first public Rocket Racing League Show in Tulsa, Arizona, on 10th of April 2010.
Show was the World Premiere of this first participatory multi-disciplinary AR Sport, where real-world jet-powered air-crafts speed through the virtual raceway in the sky.
Created and narrated by legendary Miles O'Brien - this clip intended for news editorial, was later customized for RRL's promotion, and recently re-mastered from NTSC to HD and 4K.

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