The Challenge:
In close colaboration with Quiksee's CEO - Gadi Royz, and Product Development Manager - Gil Shoenberg, I had a task to expand concept portfolio of Quiksee, propose potential improvements to UI/UX, and prepare video and training materials to assist company's pitch to Google.
The Work:
After creating additional suggestions for various applications of Quiksee technology and suggesting potential future integrations with Google maps, we moved on to design proposals for UX enhancements, alternative UI, and visualize the Virtual Tour process.
Virtual Tour process was designed to enable people with tablets, PDAs, mobile PCs, and mobile phones - to visualize directions and navigate through space utilizing multi-directional GPS-driven pre-recorded videos.

After making rapid additions to the concept, I created various sketches as well as the storyboard for company's main technology presentation video.
Realization started with joint conception of title bullets for technology, and then I moved on to create animation, music, and edit the video footage into this final short self-explanatory video. No narration was needed.
The Result:
Simplified visuals clearly explain principles of Quicksee's innovative technology, and describe how to shoot video for this patented process for video-based virtual tours.
Some of the cool UX ideas were later on ported into some segments of GoogleMap interaction design.
In September of 2010 - Quiksee Ltd. was acquired by Google for $12 million
Wicked Fact:
In elaborate document proposal to investors, among other suggestions - I proposed joint-venture between Quiksee and Human Eyes Ltd, who I thought should merge their technologies to create 360-degree GPS-driven navigateable Virtual Reality tours.
Some of the proposed ideas/visions were describing a concept realized seven years later - in 360 degree virtual camera system by Human Eyes.

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