Designed GUI for VIC-TV content composer and configured content management and retrieval process.
In flash-speed R&D process - designed custom image-filtering process that removes flickering from hi-res static images broadcasted over cable TV boxes.
Invented 12 new applications for VIC-TV technology and created product road-maps for their implementation. Using only conventional remote control - Designed user experience for all applications, which featured use of nothing more but simple cable-box remote control.
On marketing side - I established company's brand - by inventing it's name and creating the logo for company and the technology.
Additionally - I  created over 40 short demo designs to showcase novel user experience and innovative ideas for content enabled by VIC-TV.

After video premiered at ITEA convention in Berlin in 2001, company received acquisition proposals from Phillips and Sony.
Screenpeaks rejected few acquisition proposals, deciding to run info-casting business of it's own. In years to come - Screenpeaks was unique and leading iTV application - maintaining successful growth and profit margin.

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