Design in Cyberspace. Build in Reality
More than one year ahead of LEGO's Designer software package, Og's Bones Cyber Construction Set was premiere virtual building software toy, linking construction of modular toys in cyberspace - with construction in the real-world - using plastic toy components.

UX for interaction with 3D elements
On UX side, I provided consultancy to company's founder Tomer Cohen and Guy Poran, and enjoyed brainstorming sessions about game-flow with co-founders and leading ultra-talented game programmers - Patric Bugnet and Phillipe Selve.
It was my pleasure to deliver few suggestions for interaction design of few segments and functionalities of the interface - focused on interaction with 3D modules of the construction kit.

Cross Media Concept
On concept development and marketing side - I created cross-media concept for TV series - that will encompass multi-directional connections between real toys, cyber toys, and virtual-studio based TV series.
Back in 1996 I story-boarded and directed this shoe-string budget cinematic for the game/TV concept presentation which assisted Tiltan's pitch to Acclaim Entertainment.

Og's Bones Toy Set - containing physical plastic construction set and CD-Rom with soft-toy 3D construction tool, went on sale in Israel, and with minimal marketing budget - reached significant sale's digits for Israel.
Company investors were approached by American Game giant - Acclaim Entertainment. Ready to purchase the concept and the company - Acclaim entered into direct negotiations with Tiltan's shareholders. Unfortunately - Tiltan's investors refused the proposed conditions of the purchase, and failed to strike a deal with Acclaim.

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