Novel Idea for On-Board Machine Camera Display
In direct cooperation with Benny Landa, we conceived novel way of displaying video feed from monitoring cameras placed inside the digital printing press.
Reversed AR enables intuitive monitoring of complex systems:
I proposed the solution where windows of on-board real-world videos of machine's assemblies are superimposed at the right places of full-scale animated 3D representation of the inside workings of the machine.
Using this Reversed Augmenter Reality technique - it becomes very intuitive for operator of digital device to understand where/what is going on in respective video feeds that are arriving from cameras placed inside of the device.
UI Future of IOT
This WYSIWGO (What-You-See-Is-What-Goes-On) concept is potentially the future of command & control interfaces for IOT - Internet of things.
Essence of this concept is that all events and actions of digital device are depicted via animated 3D model, containing designated windows of superimposed real-world video feeds from cameras within or outside of the device (reversed AR).
With only 3 team members, using Anark Studio, I managed to create interactive 3D interfaces for 6 types of machines.
Using Anark Studio, we managed to mapped 4 real-time video feeds from machine cameras - into real-time animated 3D environment, enabling interactive recall, enlargement, and various command & control options on the interface 

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