Teaser for an actual VR application
This is just a teaser - a video preview of VR application created to visualize the innovative technology of 3D printing developed by XJET company.
My team and I were challenged by marketing department of XJET - to create an unconventional promotion tool that will attract visitors on series of incoming exhibitions, and will enable sales people to present ''special treat'' to VIPs .
Primary Goal:
Naturally - main goal was to explain basics of XJET's 3D printing process - without the conventional use of voice-over.
Ideation & Concept:
Pre-defined flying path - carries viewers around the heart of the XJET machine, showing the most important elements of the process. The peak of the VR session is an immersive experience of being right under the ''rain'' of particles that create 3D printed model.
Even with small exhibition booth and somewhat limited resources, displayed marketing content attracted many visitors to it's stand.
XJET closed additional investor deals and achieved attractive number of pre-sale & sale deals.
With pure visual content - we managed to convey an important message of ''Ink-jetting metallic nano-particles'' to 3D printing customers.

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