My Role:
Chief Scientist, Product Manager, UX Director and GUI Designer for innovative DCC software applications: DepthMaker and LightWarp.
The Work:
In partnership with inventor/investor Benny Landa - I designed created and patented LightWarp - premiere non-linear 3D CG lens that empowers free optical-driven render for non-linear sculpting of 2D & 3D layouts and scenes.
• Designed LightWarp's Push'n'Pull option that will enables full control of ROI's depth, resolving 3-D jump-cut problems in stereoscopic 3-D and multi-view 3-D for motion pictures and games.
• LIGHTWARP can be used to create stereoscopic movies with full optical control over every shot's convergence point/area and Z- depth and space compression of every desired area/segment.
The Future:
LIGHTWARP empowers amplified sensation of depth and motion for Stereoscopic 3-D animations/VFX movies, games, as well as VR.
• Designed procedures for DIDI - Depth Illusion Digital Imaging – CG- based enhancements of depth and motion for films and games - equivalent to a Dolby System concept - but for human vision.
The Ultimate Goal:
Target of the future development of Depth Illusion Digital Imaging was Creation and distribution of 3D movies and games, without goggles and dual-stream infrastructure.

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