The Role/Work/Challenge:
The Initiation of 3D CG Animation and Visual Effects in Israel
This is the collection of commercials and promos created at the very dawn of Israel's 3D CG Industry and Broadcast TV Market.
Along with my brother Aleksandar Stiglic and my great friend Dusan Strugar, I have been ''imported'' to Israel to lead animation and visual effects production at Pixel Group - at that time - Israel's first and leading post-production facility - founded by media entrepreneurs Rami Weitz and Guy Poran.
My team and I already had many years of experience in 3D CG animation and visual effects, with plenty of completed projects.
During next few years - I have storyboarded, co-directed, and directed animations and/or Visual Effects - across hundreds of projects, effectively assisting initiation of Israel's Market of Animation, Visual Effects, Games, and Multimedia.
Using storyboards, effective planning, and sometimes tough-negotiations : ) - our studio was able to churn an imensive turnaround of works for newborn broadcasting TV industry in Israel.
It was an immense pleasure to enable, and sometimes teach/coach - so many amazing Israeli talents starting their careers in the fields of TV, Animation, Visual Effects, and Games!

Conducted production across all departments of Pixel Group - Pixel Animation, Pixel Games, and Pixel Control.
Re-configured production pipeline to pioneer digital production, effectively jump-starting VFX market in Israel
Co-invented seed concept for virtual studio technology at Pixel Control (later Rt-Set, today Viz-Rt)
Directed/Consulted UX design, cut-scenes and teasers for multimedia and games, assisting successful pitches/deals with GT Interactive, SONY, Electronic Arts
Created Pipelines and production structure for Pixel Multimedia, Pixel Games, and Pixel Control.
Directed animation and VFX for few internationally awarded commercials, and supervised Israel's first visual effects for film - for two Israeli feature films.
Wrote script and Game Design Document for 'Aviator' - Science Fiction Air-Combat game. ''Aviator'' which received green-light by SONY to be produced for SONY's Play Station One platform.
I want to express my sincere gratitude to the core members of my creative team at Pixel Studio and JCS Studios: Dusan Strugar, Aleksandar Stiglic, Arik Boaz, Matthew Unwin, Tim Waddy, Ivan Djordjevich, Patrick Bugnet, Udi Ravina, Michal Wolf, Noam Barak, Haim Sarusy, Ofer Sadot, Florence Deschanet, Roy Yogev, Noa Morag, Yossi Shamshtein, Ittay Bahar, Sebastian Witkin, and Zohar Sdeur. Thank you so much!

Incredible music of Queen is used with kind permission from Music Rights Agency in 1994.

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