Marketing Videos Showreel
This is collection of snippets from various marketing and promotional videos - created for Innovative Products and Technologies.
With multidisciplinary background coming from Directing for Film & Multimedia, Physics, and Computer Sciences, coupled with expertise in human visual perception - one of my main strengths is creating videos and interactive 3D multimedia - to present and explain innovative technologies and products.
For true success - one needs to deeply understand and believe in what he explains and presents!
Proven formula for successful marketing campaign
As the crown of every serious marketing campaign - should be well-crafted explanatory ''flagship video'' - that is engaging and:
A) Creates memorable impression, and
B) Ignites that learning & enlightment ''Aha!'' moment - for the viewers and potential customers.
Balanced combination of the above values creates lasting impression, making such video priceless marketing asset!
Additionally, it's good to keep the feeling of human touch: Step away from ''the norm'', and avoid ''clinical computer perfection''! Perfected ''Video Templates'' make most of the videos on the market very ''polished'' - but on human cognitive levels - it makes them feel somewhat superficial, and therefore - unconvincing.
With today's technologies - delivering ''nice'' and ''fast'' videos is becoming norm. But to deliver cinematic experience that provides powerful ''spark'' of enlightenment - when viewers get full visual understanding and explanation of the innovative technology - you need a real and experienced film director and - storyteller!
As a pioneer in 3D CG and Visual Effects, my experience spans hundreds and hundreds of projects - from feature films and commercials, across interactive 3D multimedia and XR - to games. Majority of the projects I completed brought true sucess and values to my clients - all over the planet! I love my job! : )

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