The Work:
Created sketches, first draft of product designs, usability and operational storyboards, computer graphics, and animation.

The Challenge:
Working directly under supervision of company owners - Tzipi and Benny Shoham, and cooperating with product designer - Yariv Sade, as well as with Look-Dev Artist - Haim Sarusy - my goal was to create & produce the first visualizations of the product, and - at the same time - enable production of high-class visual marketing collateral for pitch deck of Green Onyx - while it was operating in the relative Stealth-Mode.

Green Onyx received it's first funding, and is emerging as some of the most promising Food-Tech startups in Israel. Gaining more and more traction on international levels, Green Onyx was approached by NASA - to assist solving food and nutrition problem of providing sustainable food for astronauts during prolonged space missions.

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