Create short, clear, and engaging video - that delivers the key messages of Earth & Beyond Ventures.
The Earth & Beyond Ventures is formed by several companies and individual founders. Therefore - during the process - we had to balance everyone's view in relatively horizontal decision-making structure.
Using great help of principal founders Israel Biran and Doron Landay, I utilized few project management tricks - to enable productive collaboration and communications across decision-making matrix.
Focusing brainstorms around Vimeo's comment sections and circulating collaborative PPTX - I constantly updated fluent list of opinions and suggestions, involving 5 leading CEOs and several additional experts. ''Aligning vectors'' strategy helped us to arriving to clear directions, razor-sharp bullets, and to agree on which kind of engaging visuals we'll use.
This efficient process that involved rough ''previs'' version of the video - placed everyone on the same page, simplified the creative process, thus maximizing the impact of relatively modest budget.

Over the ''base videos'' of 3D animations and some video stock footage, I added additional layers of Visual Effects and some graphical ''spice'', editing it all into commercial-style video.

Earth & Beyond Ventures received $2 million from Israel's governmental ''Chief Scientist Office'', enabling this Space-Tech accelerator to initiate it's proper launch.
After Ilan Ramon Space Conference in Tel Aviv, held in February 2023 - Earth & Beyond Ventures collected additional $125 million in funds - for their mission to support Space-Tech-related startups in Israel.

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