This short film is the documentary record of the audience responses and the impact of my animated movie - presented at Drupa Exhibition in 1995.
The Work:
Under direct supervision of Indigo's Chairman and CEO - Benny Landa - I had great pleasure to story-board and direct this international award-wining animation film for Indigo
The Challenge:
Animated short - featured in this documentary - without any words - had to explain the main vision of digital printing and key principles of Benny Landa's innovation - Electro-Ink-based Digital Printing process.
After the very first screening, Indigo started closing six digit price sale deals - for one machine - every 20 minutes!
Same year, Indigo's presentation won a prestigious award at international films festival in Chicago (US), as the best business presentation of the year.
After this animation, I created another video for Drupa 2000. Following year - Indigo was acquired by HP for 1.8 $Billion.
Cool Facts:
To our best knowledge - this was the first use of an animated movie to pitch the printing concept & product in the Printing industry.
Our movie showcased customization via Digital Printing - nearly 20 years before marketing giants like Coca-Cola - will actually implement the idea of digital printing customization, by having each and every single can and bottle of it's product - printed/customized with a different name.

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