Invited to the project by product leaders at Stratasys, my task was to create animated depiction of innovative radial 3D printing method of novel multi-color multi-material J55 device.
Video was initially intended to be used only for in-house viewing, for on-boarding and internal communications. Video had to explain/depict new principle of radial 3D printing, and to serve as visual communication for both existing and new partners, to be presented on internal meetings and conferences.
Main problem was to create ''additive 3D printing'' in CG 3D animation - where every new part of model had to appear as it was ''printed'' under the print-bar, which we solved this using custom-made scripts.
As production progressed, client arrived to the realization that video's use can be extended to marketing purpose as well, and we made few additional adjustments to respond to this need.
Video was presented at large annual Stratasys Conference, and is being extensively used as intended.
Storyboarded, Directed & Produced by Dragan Stiglic
Materials, Lighting, Rendering: Haim Sarusy
Additional Animation & Scripts: Alexandar Stiglic
Consulting supervisors: Guy Shirazi, Jeff Mandl
Technical consultants: Shay Hallak, Shmuel Rubin
Marketing consultants: Gina Scala & Andrea Vermeulen
Bullets written by Gina Scala, Dragan Stiglic, Steven Silverstone

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