To create impressive, clear, and easy to understand explanatory depiction of the Gencell Energy Process.
Goal of this product video was to introduce few key elements and advantages of Gencell Energy's offer:
- Off-grid capability (energy in the middle-of-nowhere)
- Usage of available Green Energy fuel (ammonia) as a source
- Unique Devices for GreenEnergy generation
- The Process of Fuel-Cell-based creation of electricity
- Some verticals
After creating precise storyboards, I directed and animated cameras that showcase the flow of the process across devices. At some points - camera dives inside the devices to present and explain - with some simplifications - electro-chamical processes taking place on molecular levels.
Providing cinematic excitement through dynamic visuals, video engages the viewers to follow the process in constant motion.
This video was a primary selling tool for Gencell Energy's pitches and promotions, assisting company in reaching IPO as well as securing significant investments during March and April 2021.

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