Script, Storyboards, Previs, Directing, Art Directing, Editing
This short feature-film style product presentation video is created to briefly explain principles of RADA's ISR upgrade services.
Target of this video was to create game-cinematic-style eye-catching explanation of the final integration solution and it's operational capabilities, without use of words.
Story-boarding and precise previs allowed great efficiency in production, where almost all "take one" shots went into the final render and final edit.
Video was presented at several exhibitions, landing multiplicity of contracts for the end-customer.
Production: 3DG Ltd.
Script and Directing by Dragan Stiglic
Art Direction by Dragan Stiglic and Ruslan Sokolovsky
Creative Producer: Sebastian Witkin
Executive Producers: Noam Barak and Adam Sagiv
Animation: Ruslan Sokolovsky
Motion Design: Shmulik Gelbard
Compositing and VFX: Avishai Licht
Original Music and Sound Design: Yarron Katz
UX/UI Design: Dragan Stiglic
Interface Graphics and Animation: Yuval Zolotoshko
Production Assistant: Naama Eyal Hilbuch
Creative Consultants: Dusan Strugar, David Milton, and Noam Tice

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