The Work:
This compilation of commercials and special projects represents the ''Golden Dawn'' of Israel's Animation and Visual Effects industry, in the early 90s.
Just before the opening of Israel's first commercial Channel2, I was ''imported'' to Israel, and tasked to establish and lead CG production of the first high-end studio in Israel - Pixel Studios.
It was an exciting time - when there were only few computer workstations in the country, and every project was a new pioneering adventure.
My involvement - across hundreds of projects - were ranging - from director & creative director, to animation director and VFX supervisor.
The Challenge:
CG animation and Visual Effects were novel medium, and the main challenge was to enable the best possible communication between clients and creatives, placing everyone on the same page.
While being film director who can draw well, I assisted many directors communicate their visions, enabling and encouraging creativity - while assuring the efficient productions.
Several commercials from this reel - won various awards at international advertising film festivals during 90s, and helped launch careers of many directors, actors, animators, advertising agencies, and production companies.
Creative processes and solutions we set in those very beginnings, became templates for businesses of few early animation and post-production houses in Israel.
Creative Passion of the teams I was leading in early 90s - triggered transformation of Israel's young animation and Visual Effects industry - into serious business.
My teams and I were pioneering Israel's TV content production, commercials, interactive multimedia, games, as well as brand new technologies for digital content production.
My personal pleasure was to support the growth of so many great talents at Pixel Studio, JCS, and Broadcast Video - many of which later became leading figures in Israel's Animation, Design, Visual Effects, Games, and High-Tech.
The Core of my creative team were: Dusan Strugar, Aleksandar Stiglic, Arik Boaz, Matthew Unwin, Tim Waddy, Ivan Djordjevich, Michal Wolf, Noam Barak, Haim Sarusy, Ofer Sadot, Florence Deschanet, Roy Yogev, Noa Morag, Ittay Bahar, Sebastian Witkin, and Zohar Sdeur.

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