The Work:
My work for Moondo - first MMOG created in Israel - covered several areas - from art directing and producing to game's prototyping, UX, previs, creating the game design document, and assisting the game design and playability.
Created project structure and designed/organized creative workflow for art department. Co-designed 3 game levels/arenas. Co-created storyboards and concept art for 4 environments.
Co-designed and prototyped gameplay, UX & UI, visual effects, and camera positioning - using Anark Studio. Conducted and supervised all game art assets creation.
While leading the team of 7 artists, I served as communication bridge between art and programming departments which accelerated the production. Organized creative process via scrum - roughly tripled production efficiency and elevated art output to AAA level of casual games.
Multi-player demonstration of the game secured second round of investment by Jerusalem Venture Partners.

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