The Work:
This short game-cinematic-style product presentation video is created to briefly explain principles of RADA's INS device. Target of this video was to create an eye-catching explanation of the product's functioning, without using words.
Production: 3DG Ltd.
Storyboard, Previs and Directing by Dragan Stiglic
Art Directing: Ruslan Sokolovsky and Dragan Stiglic
Script: Adam Sagiv and Dragan Stiglic
Creative Producer: Sebastian Witkin
Creative Content Consultants: Noam Tice and David Milton
Executive Producers: Noam Barak and Adam Sagiv
Animation, modeling, and texturing: Ruslan Sokolovsky
Motion Design: Shmulik Gelbard
Compositing, VFX, Colorist: Avishai Licht
Original Music and Sound Design: Yarron Katz
Interface Graphics and Animation: Yuval Zolotoshko
Production Assistant: Naama Eyal Hilbuch

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