Create Small flash-type Game Demo - that showcases capabilities of DIDI technology.
DIDI - stands for Depth Illusion Digital Imaging, and at it's core - technology generates strong depth illusion over any existing distribution infrastructure.
Based on the principles of how it works - I would always pitch it simply as ''Dolby for Eyes''.
Using custom-written CG camera, DIDI process will alter the relative differences of pixel speeds - across the moving sequence, creating greater gap between fast and slow moving areas.
As a result - viewers will experience amplified impression of both motion and depth. 
Leading small team of 2 artists, I directed creation of this game demo containing several layers of depth, which enabled us experimentation with camera and layer parameters, enabling us testing and examine user experience perceptions. 
Set of DIDI technologies were presented to few experts at Apple, while  the presentations with DIDI examples and demos were presented by Benny Landa - personally to Steve Jobs.

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