The Work:
This explanatory video features Benny Landa - the father of industrial digital printing - who is immersed in the paper-fibers while explaining the key problem of ink-jet printing - penetration of ink into the paper, and how ink is absorbed into the paper-fibers.
Using 1-to-1 storyboards and previs, video was executed with zero mistakes in production and post-production.
As part of large marketing campaign of Landa Digital Printing in 2012, this video - along with other few, assisted in raising several hundred LOIs, and getting additional investors on the board.
The Credits:
Written by Benny Landa
Storyboarded, Directed, and Edited by Dragan Stiglic
Animation and VFX by Vuk Epstein
Compositing/Grading by Yaron Yashinski
Green-screen production by Rami Reshef

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